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Ic JM38510/11202BGA

ELSA video card by NVIDIA mine who 850GT256B2DTVRH Geforce8500GT the latest graphics chips, the core codenamed G86. G86 core located in the new generation of Geforce8 series of low-end level, using the latest 80nm technology skilled in power consumption, heat on the significantly improved overclocking performance is very good, face a lot of mainstream games, ace, does not cost any effort . The G86 core has significantly advanced built-in 16 SteamProcessor stream processing units to support DirectX10, SM4.0 and IC JM38510/11202BGA and other special effects technology, and supports exclusive PureVideoHD NV video decode engine that supports H.264 video hardware decoding technology. With the new design, physical computing power and graphics capabilities have been essentially rendering improvement, but also allows users to experience unprecedented HD video effects, low resource usage so users can enjoy the perfect use of the visual shock Impact !

JM38510/11202BGA Suppliers

India "Economic Times" quoted unnamed sources as saying the draft resolution, the project will soon be submitted to the Cabinet Ministers of India, to seek project funding. The draft stated that: "Unless India has its own microprocessor, or we can never ensure that the network from threats and JM38510/11202BGA Suppliers and weapons ."

JM38510/11202BGA Price

, "United States Custom 'fly touch' Tablet PC, really want to grab the starting right iPad into China." Yesterday, General Manager of Guangzhou States United States States United States cluster of reporters starting with China Unicom sold iPhone, has accumulated valuable experience, naturally, hopes to debut in China Apple iPad tablet.

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