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Ic JM38510/30903BEA

Matsushita Electronic Components listed on the vehicle with power reactor "ETQP5M480YFM/2R5YFK". Mainly for the electronic control unit (ECU) with a DC-DC inverter and IC JM38510/30903BEA and a variety of drive circuits for noise removal filter. Focus on the trend of the engine room is equipped with ECU to achieve the 150 ℃ heat and vibration resistance of 30G to support large currents. Rated current terms, ETQP5M480YFM to 1.0A, ETQP5M2R5YFK to 4.5A (DC current flowing through the coil temperature rise to 15K of the actual value). Inductance for the 100kHz, ETQP5M480YFM early as 48.0μH, ETQP5M2R5YFK early as 2.45μH (to allow poor are ± 20%). Rated current of the inductor were 47.0μH and 2.40μH. Dimensions regard, ETQP5M480YFM to 7mm square, ETQP5M2R5YFK for the 8mm square, smaller than the original.

JM38510/30903BEA Suppliers

Apple is also preparing to increase the camera features a new long-distance shooting. Apple patent describes, it also refers to "special digital equipment," the term, Apple said: "This device may be portable devices, such as a dedicated digital or video cameras, smart phones, notebook integrated camera, built-in Camera desktop PCs. "Apple currently has no proprietary digital or video cameras, does that mean it will develop new equipment?

JM38510/30903BEA Price

2006 Nian 8 months, Samsung introduced in Europe, $ 3,000 40-inch LED-backlit LCD TV hundreds. Osram and JM38510/30903BEA Price and Samsung have been made of 82-inch LED-backlit R & D prototype, Osram has also developed later became the 102-inch prototype. In China, Hisense, SVA and BOE have 36 inch -46 inch LED backlit LCD TV prototype. This is a market full of hope and opportunity, but opportunities will always be there for people - LED display backlighting is not in a day, really want to be able to rely on the appliance market has been formed, eat a bowl of LED backlight rice, also has R & D potential and infrastructure needs - if we all took note of this area until the time you finally ready to begin, than look around to compare whether there is a need to continue to trail along behind others in the dust and chaos to seize a small profit .

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