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K4D623238B-QC55 datasheet pdf datenblatt

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Ic K4D623238B-QC55

If this activities and IC K4D623238B-QC55 and not enough understanding, suggest that you first see this link: "Extra:" Yesky YORK hardware installation plan Challenge "low-key start," Please know that after this event to actively participate in, we look forward to give you more Oh beautiful gift!

K4D623238B-QC55 Suppliers

igure 2 shows How can the LED and K4D623238B-QC55 Suppliers and the lead frame by the application of silicone between the sub-mount to more closely integrate ESD protection. This structure is more compact dimensions make LED; sub-mount side mount LED modules replace the traditional substrate used to provide the ESD protection level exceeds 15 kV HBM. Silicon sub-mount thermal conductivity is also good to help alleviate the LED and LED lead frames with different coefficients of thermal expansion caused by stress.

K4D623238B-QC55 Price

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