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Ic K4S281632F-UC75

Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) introduced inductorless programmable supercapacitor charger LTC3225, the device can meet the peak power in portable applications and IC K4S281632F-UC75 and battery backup requirements. LTC3225 low noise charge pump architecture, 2.8V to 5.5V input supply will be two super-charge the capacitor in series to a fixed output voltage (4.8V/5.3V selectable). Charge current programming resistor can be used to up to 150mA, and the device has an automatic capacity of balance, no balance can be maintained two resistor voltage on the capacitor equal to (2.4V/2.65V optional). This can make from each super capacitor mismatch or due to leakage of battery capacity caused by over-voltage damage, and to minimize current drain on the capacitor. The input supply is removed or shorted to ground when, LTC3225 will not make a super capacitor discharge. MC34845 supports low-power shutdown, the use of the maximum supply current of only 1uA. In addition, with automatic shutdown mode, the PWM input device is inactive after a certain period of time off.

K4S281632F-UC75 Suppliers

MC34845 also use a boost converter to generate the required voltage for the LED power supply. Both versions can be used to 600Khz (MC34845) or 1.2MHz (MC34845A) boost switching frequency. Input range to support two and K4S281632F-UC75 Suppliers and three lithium batteries or a fixed input power. High output performance for the device can drive 96 white LED, driven more than the number of competing design 6 channel. Dynamic control of margin requirements in accordance with the voltage LED automatically set the output voltage.

K4S281632F-UC75 Price

high-speed LED driver supports up to 100kHz of the PWM and K4S281632F-UC75 Price and pulse width as low as 200ns. The performance level achieved for the frequency at 25kHz dimming range of 1000:1, and in the range provides excellent linearity, very slight dimming support initiatives. The drive is also very accurate, at -40 ~ +85 ° operating temperature range of support ± 2% of the maximum current matching, which helps to improve the display of consistency. It uses a single direct drive input to drive the PWM output.

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