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Ic K4S561632E-TC75

where the LED with a cross, so the alliance to coordinate through the Ministry of Science and IC K4S561632E-TC75 and to the relationship between them. The Union also have financial support to them, including the Ministry of Industry and the China Electronics Standardization Institute, e-13 center, quality discrete semiconductor devices, they are engaged in standards of research, development and testing. Standard committee secretariat Lighting Lighting Research Institute in Beijing, there are two national testing center of a light source in Beijing, one in Shanghai, has funding to support them. Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) launched without inductors, low noise, high efficiency LED driver LTC3220/-1, the device for cell phone displays and other programmable lighting applications .

K4S561632E-TC75 Suppliers

fast, 30MHz serial interface ensures high refreshing rates enough to cope with large LED display modules. AS1112 power consumption is very low, while its power-off function can work in standby mode current to 40nA. AS1112 operating temperature range is -40 ° C to +85 ° C, is the industry and K4S561632E-TC75 Suppliers and ideal for outdoor applications. The IC in a small, thermally efficient, 32-pin TQFN (5x5mm) package, easy to handle large output power, can achieve a very dense LED pixel pitch.

K4S561632E-TC75 Price

AS1112 Another feature is the built-in LED error detection. Easy and K4S561632E-TC75 Price and intuitive to use the AS1112 can detect any open, short circuit and overheating fault. Two temperature thresholds by a comprehensive system for thermal monitoring. In order to immediately detect the error, provide a global error indication pin. In addition, a detailed error report can be read to obtain the specific location of fault LED. AS1112 uses the serial data input / output lines of the error information readback so that no additional PCB traces to complete the LED error diagnostics.

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