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K6X0808C1D-GF55 datasheet pdf datenblatt

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Ic K6X0808C1D-GF55

Link the days of Ali and IC K6X0808C1D-GF55 and then time, we the sheep from Lhasa through the beautiful Lake, Gyantse Castle, White Tower in the Palkor small temples in each room to hang around, to Shigatse. Tashilhunpo spent in quiet morning, I sat in the square to see Tibetans calmly walked kowtowing, the whole family sitting together to drink sweet tea, rice wine, and it will sit down and read a book deposited in the electronic paper "Introduction to Buddhism."

K6X0808C1D-GF55 Suppliers

York University President, Professor Brian Cantor said: "In the early stages, the center will gather researchers with various expertise and K6X0808C1D-GF55 Suppliers and industry to participate to this important scientific discoveries into valuable medical tools ."

K6X0808C1D-GF55 Price

Does the artificial light to mimic the sun just a question worth exploring, there is no sunlight at night, lighting can be selected according to the needs of different people with different light sources. A typical three-color RGB light source should be combined into adjustable color temperature and K6X0808C1D-GF55 Price and color of the lighting system, according to the needs of different groups of people, want to adjust the brightness and color. Shade can be adjusted human moods and emotions, relieve stress, to mobilize interest, eliminate fatigue and promote health. LED colored light can be effectively used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) diseases; violet, blue light skin can contribute to vitamin A, D generation, thereby promoting calcium absorption, you can go blue jaundice; Indian physician DPChadiali irradiation Shade with 12 people allergic reactions, immune system disorders, cardiovascular disease, mental stress, depression and insomnia and so on. Modern lighting is therefore different people according to the physiological and psychological need to control shade combination of digital lighting system.

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