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where the performance of the more prominent is the computer class enterprise, operating income the fastest growth, up 67%, also achieved a total profit of 56% year on year growth reached 36.5 billion yuan. Telecommunications, home appliances, software, components like corporate profits decline than last year.

K9F5608UOC-YCBO Suppliers

Made by a drop of water has been around a mini-camera, this lens can be free of temperature and K9F5608UOC-YCBO Suppliers and PH value of the contraction and expansion. This wonderful feature is a slight change in focal length of the sensor can be achieved, perhaps one day, this technology can be used to quickly and easily monitor everything from blood samples and subtle chemical reactions. Madison University of Wisconsin Hongrui Jiang and his colleagues last weeks "Nature" magazine published their research papers. It is they, with only a millimeter wide ring structure of this hydrogel micro-lens, hydrogel is a charge at different temperatures and acidic environments scale of the material. To put a drop of water gel rings, which will be a corresponding drop of water and shrinkage of the bulge, thus changing the focal length. Folder on the water and rubber ring inside a glass container, leaving a small channel to come out of the liquid can leak water gel. Previous zoom lens design, mainly used in optical purposes, such as the eyes, the user can shift focus away from the near focus. These lenses, from a certain sense, also the equivalent of Earths mini sensors. These achievements so far just a proof of principle. This lens can be 10-20 C temperature or PH value from acidic to alkaline turn around the transition. Meanwhile, even without the help of mini-lens system, there will be many possible ways to detect the temperature and PH value. Now the team plans to study hydrogels also can react in other conditions, such as exists in a variety of body protein and salt. In proportion to the lens down to micron size, according to thousands of army successfully arranged, so that you can easily monitor all substances of the. Jiang said: "The debris laboratory applications will soon be realized."

K9F5608UOC-YCBO Price

2009 Nian 3 20 March, the State Council officially approved the construction of the Zhongguancun Science Park, National Innovation Model District, after Beijing has approved construction of Zhongguancun, Haidian District, agreed that national ownership the core area of innovation model, Haidian District, the district government has also decided to give the power of the region to support construction of the core area of Haidian Park, and K9F5608UOC-YCBO Price and the mobilization of the whole region and issued a "Haidian District, decided to further promote the development of high-tech industry" and its related supporting policies. National Innovation Model was established in Zhongguancun area, in building an innovative country and the capitals economic and social development has a great strategic significance, its meaning is through the parks trial, which will promote Chinas high-tech industry a place in the international high-end segments, leading high-tech industries in Chinas economic development model transformation.

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