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Review in 2008, the global DRAM industry is facing the serious problem of over-supply and IC K9F5608UOD-PCBO and industrial structure, in the first half when the 8-inch plants have been put into non-DRAM products, accelerated 8-inch plant to melt and turn into the best 12-inch plant DRAM particles reduce costs, and import the 50nm next year, the trend of declaring the same, then DRAM industry is still widely believed that the opportunity to rejuvenate the economy emerged in the second half, but unfortunately the second half of the financial crisis will push the DRAM industry, Ice Age, not only DDR2 1Gb eTT particles fell to $ 0.58 price was a record low, the net outflow of cash is more tantamount to worse again DRAM plant, operating on the crisis, industry production cuts and consolidation before being officially launched in the near future, want to use this opportunity to let the market return normal mechanism. DRAMeXchange finishing in 2008, the major industry events and trends for the DRAM industry in 2008 made a conclusion, and expect DRAM industry in 2009 can be like a brilliant phoenix-like, and create a new atmosphere.

K9F5608UOD-PCBO Suppliers

implementation of energy-saving power generation scheduling is the scheduling of our current system of major reforms. Is in accordance for Energy saving, environmental protection, economic principles, in order to protect the premise of a reliable supply of electricity, priority scheduling wind, solar, ocean energy, hydro, biomass, nuclear energy, clean energy generation, on the thermal power units, according to the level of coal consumption scheduling power generation, coal consumption and K9F5608UOD-PCBO Suppliers and low multiple, full-fat, low unit coal consumption of high fat or no fat. Implementation of this system, which means high energy consumption and high pollution generating units to obtain the number of hours will be less and less objectively beneficial to speed up the inefficient shutting down small thermal power units, optimizing industrial structure and layout of power.

K9F5608UOD-PCBO Price

in the LED-related industry, working closely with the LED of the fastest and K9F5608UOD-PCBO Price and most advantages of LCD display and solar industries are two industries cells. Beilun District has become one of the most important concentration of one of the LCD industry.

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