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Ic KA7500BD

Macquarie Securities is the previous assessment in 2008 penetration rate of LED NB models from 07 to 5% to 15%, and IC KA7500BD and even to 2010 when grown dramatically to 41%. U.S. market research agency MCG Department also estimates that by 2010 penetration rate of LED NB will officially break models into three, to 2012 when the market penetration can watch five percent.

KA7500BD Suppliers

DRAM industry to save do not save the Government in the end? Official production has been a recent emphasis on the issue of foreign propaganda, but last month it does not require the government to rescue the PSC Powerchip chairman Frank Huang, yesterday, but vocal, DRAM, and KA7500BD Suppliers and is currently the biggest problem is not the whole, but strategic considerations, Taiwan DRAM Industry must exist, or South Korea dominate the DRAM industry, the impact of the global PC industry and the consumer electronics market, so "the government must release the message to South Korea to understand Taiwans DRAM support." Frank Huang said that the origin of the rest of the worlds DRAM Korea and Taiwan, a DRAM industry in Taiwan did not, for the rest of South Korea dominate the DRAM market will inevitably impact on the global technology industry. So for the whole and the government to intervene, may be towards "internationalization" of the direction, because the factory in Taiwan DRAM technology from different sources and different financial situation, and will make the whole hastily with everyone in dire straits, so the whole and to a certain to "international standards." Frank Huang pointed out that South Koreas TV industry has been dominant, Motorola mobile phone industry is more driven back, can not allow South Korea to obtain advantages of DRAM industry dominated; plus the United States Department and the Japanese DRAM production plant in Taiwan, Taiwan DRAM industry if the did not, Japan and South Korea had the thought of getting goods, "scared are scared to death", and now are concerned about the Taiwan governments attitude. Frank Huang stressed that the Taiwan government have never seen in the international industry has so much influence, the government must support DRAM.

KA7500BD Price

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