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Ic KDS181

IGRS spokesman confirmed to reporters yesterday, IGRS organizations do have the fourth grade through the addition of member - members of the relevant statute observers as a basis to attract outstanding technical strength or application with models of small and IC KDS181 and medium companies to join. It is understood that the observer is only 5,000 yuan in contributions, while the original three members of the IGRS, the core member and the promotion of member dues each year were 10 million and 5 million, and even pay the least cost to its original Ordinary Members of the year for 20,000 yuan fee. This "price", the industry can not help wondering, IGRS is in financial difficulties encountered, so in such a way to attract more SMEs to join? In this regard, IGRS stakeholders denied, he said: "IGRS do not price, but to reduce the threshold of children," purpose is to "accelerate the industrialization of IGRS is a process, this process requires more rich applications and services model, you need to attract more technical strength and application of innovative business models to join. "and that" the IGRS current funds are sufficient, at the end of the company will also move to a new office location. "IGRS lower threshold for children, hope quickly turned to guide the industry chain development of standards for SMEs to actively participate in the work, its ability in a very short period of time to complete more technical accumulation, and gradually cultivate the domestic market environment of 3C integration, is not to say , but there are people in the industry comments that "This is the IGRS standard work on the development and promotion is another important attempt to make."

KDS181 Suppliers

External 12V power supply interface is also designed to be directly connected without the need to switch to D-type cable outlet, eliminating the need for patch cords are also tired of missing the brain, the design can be described as nuanced and KDS181 Suppliers and thoughtful. Looking at the overall power supply, we can switch this power was found near a small switch above the A, B word, the original switch is a little tricky.

KDS181 Price

Cool 8900 by OMS open smartphone operating system, and KDS181 Price and support China Mobile focus on business, built-in flying letters, mobile video, mobile security, mobile navigation, online store, music players, mobile alerts, etc., with 500 million pixel camera, anytime, anywhere recording bits of moments of life, in addition to CMMB TV function is also very practical, for the upcoming Asian Games, I believe that anytime you watch the exciting event will be able to enjoy the most popular and fashionable lifestyle.

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