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may be from the transformation of the UT Starcom IPTV earnings IPTV equipment manufacturers see the situation now. According to UT Starcom 2007 third quarter earnings, its net sales of 6.46 billion U.S. dollars, a net loss of $ 55,000,000.

KS8695 Suppliers

in the top five server vendors in the world, ranked by revenue, IBM leading position in the second quarter, its revenue grew 11.5% last year to reach 4.3 billion dollars, the market share of 29.6% from the same period last year increased to 31.2%; HP ranked second, revenue increased 2.9% to 38.1 billion U.S. dollars, the market share from 28.4% in the second quarter last year dropped to 27.6%. Dell ranked third, its revenue increased 15% to $ 1,795,000,000, the market share of 12% from last year rose to 13%. Sun Micro Systems Division in fourth place, revenues 1.63 billion, the market share from last years 13.4% down to 11.8%; Fujitsu / Fujitsu - Siemens revenue reached 4.9 billion U.S. dollars, the market share from 3.8% down to 3.6% ranking fifth.

KS8695 Price

Recently, Intel announced at the International Supercomputing Conference, plans to launch code-named Knights Cornes high-performance computing (HPC) new products, mainly for exploration, scientific research and KS8695 Price and financial or other high-performance computing, weather simulation, designed to help speed up certain highly parallel applications.

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