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Ic L272

Yang, "In the past we are talking about 3C integration, the three-screen experience, that is, mobile phone, computer and IC L272 and television; it seems, far more than three screens. In addition to PC, the Internet, mobile Internet devices, automotive infotainment devices and even a variety of terminals have been equipped with the ability to access the network. from the Internet of Things, the concept of point of view, the near future, terminals with similar capabilities and the screen will be more. "

L272 Suppliers

Also defected to the traditional mobile phone manufacturers in the Intel camp, the development of type M ID products, hardware and L272 Suppliers and software platforms have become more diverse, mobile terminals can be described as dazzling, of which the major hardware platforms using the Intel chip architecture A tom, ARM architecture Qualcomm platform, operating system, covers A ndroid, W indow sPhone and M eeG o platform. At present, except LG will launch platform with MeeG o GW 990, Nokia and Intel also hope the two sides of this integration and M oblin M aem o the M eeG o platform can be widely used in smart phones, N etbook, TV and flat panel computer networking and other products.

L272 Price

ARM designs the use of iPhone, BlackBerry and L272 Price and other devices to provide various functions, from e-mail, Internet surfing, watching movies to create a spreadsheet, almost everything, so between the phone and computer increasingly blurred. Todays most popular services --- Facebook, Y ouTube, iTunes and Google ─ no longer limited to the computer. Gradually losing its traditional dominance of the computer, smart phones and other non-PC devices using the chip of the intensified competition. In addition to HP and Lenovo, but including Asus, Acer and other relevant IT vendors that will offer intelligent based on the Snapdragon chipset.

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