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Ic L298

Major media headlines have recently reported the generation of 50mm Somic Dynamic Wang EFi-82 goes on sale about the news, for this world leading manufacturer of headsets Somic first real play-quality headphones, have hearing in the blind PK on the one stroke off Arcane HIFI, Germany Department of headphone listening and IC L298 and reputation, Xiao Bian concern has been a long time. Although not seen Somic EFi-82's true identity, but already set the final version, Xiao Bian Somic decided to explore the Guangzhou headquarters pro Somic EFi-82 quality of the secret.

L298 Suppliers

In design terms, W595c is Sony Ericsson with the classic slider design, rather two-way ramp-type appearance of the personality, body measurements for size of 100 × 47 × 14mm, the weight of the entire mobile phone 104, also count in his hand Comparison of light and L298 Suppliers and lovely, there are now blue, white, black, pink and dark gray in 5 colors to choose from, 5 colors are in line with current fashion trends, wrapped around the fuselage frame, feels smooth touch fine, matte texture of body surface using a plastic material, feel quite comfortable.

L298 Price

As for the display companies will do their own initiative in the larger package, the take on the delivery more flexible. Yao Taiping think this is a misunderstanding, "First, the device display industry is not out of stock; Second, if you do have to consider the issue can not be done well. Now the industrial chain division of labor is still so thin, you do this blocks, but also make it more difficult for a number of relatively still. For example, NICHIA and L298 Price and sell almost CREE lights, not to sell chips to their chip package with other people's properties reach ."

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