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Ic L5970D

By market demand, many switch manufacturers have targeted more than 126 kV and IC L5970D and switching equipment market. According to statistics, more than able to produce products of the voltage level of the enterprise has more than 50. At the same time, foreign investment, joint ventures, to join the crowded market of domestic high-voltage switch rivalry. Understanding of the status of high-voltage switch equipment market and technology trends, careful development and investment, is a major issue facing the industry.

L5970D Suppliers

sources pointed out that the high cost of these three core chips will force the price of Intels quad-core chips down, which makes high-end low-end products in the market erode . However, AMD itself may face the same problem. aste in mainland wafer and L5970D Suppliers and closed the door after the importation of waste, had to turn off phase materials sold in Taiwan, the Taiwan industry to increase the supply, but also will enhance the negotiable space.

L5970D Price

hotovoltaic industry despite the financial turmoil, polysilicon material sources in short supply is no longer as serious as in the past, but the first three quarter of a condition to the mainland offer more polysilicon material sources and L5970D Price and supply is too low for the past killed limited amount of rapid rebound from the net after tax rebate stand on the Q3 60 dollars per kilogram to about 65 dollars now near, now is limited to scrap wafers and waste imports, the supply of material sources estimate China will be affected , estimates continue to rise if the end demand, easy to mainland China will result in tension material sources of supply, price trend needs further observation.

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