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According to the National Standards Committee introduced the specification of the full-called "ISO / PAS 18186: container-RFID shipping label system," it is in our national standard "supply chain monitoring applications container electronic seal technical specifications" (GB/T23678-2009) made on the basis of the development. It will help accelerate the development of the promotion of low cost, safe, reliable, easy to use containers of electronic devices, will enhance the level of international container transport security role.

L5973D Suppliers

IMS market research firm noted that the power semiconductor market jumped 25% in 2004, after the 2005 tends to dull, the market value of 113 billion U.S. dollars, but subject to a variety of consumer applications drive, long-term prospects of this market is worth expectations. Separation of power (including transistors, thyristors and L5973D Suppliers and rectifiers) market size is expected to double in the next decade, while the power module market growth is more robust. AshSharma analyst said: "The consumer market is strong growth in this market one of the engines. At the same time, flat panel displays and other fast-growing markets, and white appliances and other products of technological improvements, the power semiconductor suppliers will bring enormous potential additional revenue. "Sharma added, that the relatively small but also fast-growing areas such as renewable energy and oil-powered hybrid vehicles, also will drive the market growth. The market research firm IMS report shows that Infineon in 2005 is still the worlds largest supplier of power semiconductors, accounting for a global market share of 9.4%.

L5973D Price

markets for the recent Quanta made general manager Wang Zhenhua may leave speculation, triggering a possible Hon Hai Quanta merger rumors, 4 degrees on the 11th Foxconn sternly rejected the merger with Quanta message. Hon Hai said that the Hon Hai will be combined with rumors that Quanta, Hon Hai have been last August, October and L5973D Price and July 9 this year, did not clarify the circumstances the merger with Quanta, and did not, the future will not with this plan. In addition, Hon Hai also said that Hong Haijian letter Quanta chairman Barry Lam health, painstaking business of the industry, lean manufacturing capacity of research and development, the future is bound to scale new heights of business fundamentals. Hon Hai also stressed that although the information manufacturing industry is the Hon Hai Group has remained the most important betting industry, but does not mean that all resources should be betting Hon Hai here, look to the future, such as medical equipment and energy industries, are Hon Hai The next phase of the proposed development strategy of growth.

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