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Ic L6374FP

The devices operate at 1.8 volts, power consumption in full power mode operation, lower than similar products of 200 micro-watts, SPI and IC L6374FP and I2C compatible interface, the configuration of the universal input / Output (GPIO) and the cut-style output for additional communication with the device host processor used. LDS6020 with 4 mm x 4 Hao Mi 28ld TQFN package, the maximum thickness of 0.8 mm.

L6374FP Suppliers

Do you like reading or traditional electronic reading, like a fashion or a treasure for some warmth ... ... Cai Lun invented papermaking from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the present, 1900 years have passed since the time, soft, convenient and L6374FP Suppliers and practical instead of paper bulky and expensive fine silk, bamboo, witnessed the civilization and barbarism, war and peace, light and darkness, along the way, in this new century, when the paperless communication, paperless reading, paperless transactions, paperless office and other ideas evolved into reality, and gradually into the homes of ordinary people after the rise of e-books and the benefits brought by surprise, no less between the Eastern Han Xing Yuan "Caihou paper" published.

L6374FP Price

Maxim DS3510 introduced a highly integrated gamma / VCOM buffer, built-in EEPROM can store four gamma curves and L6374FP Price and rapid switching between the support curve. Device consists of 10 independent gamma channels and a VCOM channel, each channel includes 4 bytes of EEPROM, two latches, an 8-bit DAC and a high-performance buffer amplifier. Pin controlled by the gamma / VCOM table switching time less than 300ns. When the speed is not critical, through I2C compatible interface table switch. Each table control different gamma curve, so that TFT-LCD designers to display a variety of continuous compensation for conditions such as: temperature, ambient light, backlight setting, aging and color mode setting.

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