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October 12, 2006 News: Guangzhou Chemical Innovation Fund has been the main item of Guangzhou Municipal Science and IC L6560 and Technology funding. According to experts, the CAS Guangzhou Chemistry Co., Ltd. has four independent intellectual property rights of high-tech items: appliances, printed circuit heat-resistant halogen-free flame retardant such as CCL epoxy compound for high performance, hi tech small gain in Guangzhou Enterprise Technology Innovation Fund projects funded, and this is the first time wide of the fund company. The project intends to create by CCL epoxy materials with the introduction of the molecular chain with a toughened, heat resistance to improve the functionality and active group of silicone and features a green flame retardant organophosphorus compounds, and to change resistance to overcome the use of epoxy materials in the manufacture of Copper Clad Laminate appear brittle, heat resistance is low and the weakness of non-green flame, which was prepared for manufacturing integrated performance meets the requirements of the new generation of CCL epoxy material, fill blank. Completion of the project will create more than 300 tons a year production capacity of the plant, improve the production process and the corresponding formula was designed, mass e-CCL epoxy materials for manufacturing, supply to the relevant CCL manufacturing companies. SME Technology Innovation Fund was approved by the State Council, to support SME Technology Innovation of the government special funds. It is the purpose of innovation and industrialization, market-oriented, on the order of "863", "key" and other mandatory state of scientific and technological personnel development plans and innovations, the next start, "Torch" and other high-tech industry guidance plans venture capitalists and commercial to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

L6560 Suppliers

Henssler Equity Fund co-investment manager to send Rui Shi (Ted Parrish), said: "Although the market downturn, but Apple has good products, such as the iPod and L6560 Suppliers and iPhone, able to attract many customers, it can be seen from the order out. " Total sales rose 11% to about 70 billion U.S. dollars, the Wall Street forecast of 66.7 million, approximately 6.3 billion last year.

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October, flags fluttering, nationwide celebration, with people across the country greeted the 60th birthday. In this festive holiday, Cenda launched the "Safety in China&# 8226; Love China" theme of the 60th anniversary promotion. In order to repay consumers, to pay tribute to the motherland 60 years anniversary, Li Jie, launched during the National Day's classic safe mobile hard drives C601E's 60th anniversary edition. This commemorative release 500G capacity only version for sale on the national platform of 2009, the national retail price maintenance 599 yuan.

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