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LED chip companies around the competition for the war is far from settled over, who announced on micro-Lan Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co. will buy MOCVD equipment, the purchase price of the equipment to give 40% subsidy, financial assistance to support the total amount of the purchase MOCVD equipment tentatively scheduled for 30 (the number of actual purchase to be funded), from November 2010 came into effect. Yangzhou is simply direct the introduction of new policies, enterprises every purchase of production equipment for wafer MOCVD, financial subsidies to 10 million yuan.

L6910TR Suppliers

± 7.5% charge current accuracy of · ± 4% C/10 detection accuracy Yang Syria that the traditional desktop PC, but despite the slow growth of the base is still large, and L6910TR Suppliers and Yang, Syria believes that the desktop opportunity, can only take the difference of the road, high-end enthusiasts, business desktop secure and other practical for the manufacturers to bring more substantial profits, the touch of fashion computers, smaller Atom-based dedicated desktop PC.

L6910TR Price

subfamily said: "Kilopass is NVMIP market leader, we are very pleased to cooperate and L6910TR Price and Kilopass. Kilopass the NVMIP our IP product line more complete, we will continue to serve in good faith counterparts in the domestic IC design ."

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