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Ic L702B

IC design companies need a lot of money, and IC L702B and generally small scale of design, funding the industry development of deep-rooted problems. "Chinas semiconductor industry is the main problem facing the dislocation of supply and demand, the local semiconductor manufacturers in the Chinese market only contributes less than 20%. Led to one of the direct cause of the problem is insufficient investment." Era of venture capital dollars, said Ma Kai, chairman. IC design enterprises are faced with several financing sources, first, support given by the government funds, these funds are very limited; Second, public financing, but for the average business is not easy; the third is the use of venture capital.

L702B Suppliers

AN5362 and L702B Suppliers and small input / output capacitance and Multilayer Chip Inductors 0805 shared, allowing system designers to choose less board space occupied, lower-cost chip inductors, in order to achieve smaller, cheaper end application. The DC / DC converter 0.96 X 1.31mm WL-CSP package, with excellent low height of 0.6mm, space-constrained applications can save space.

L702B Price

ASUS EAH5550 using red PCB. In the core specifications, this graphics card has 320 stream processors, 8 raster units. Largely determines the number of stream processors, the performance of the graphics card, HD5550 HD5450 slightly relative to the flow processor. The card supports DirectX11, ShaderModel5.0 and L702B Price and OpenGL3.1 effects, in high definition also has a very good performance. ASUS EAH5550 graphics card supports the next generation of audio source output, is to bring high-definition players to be able to enjoy sound quality comparable to separate sound card, although the user is a EAH5550 graphics card to buy, but can sound a thousand dollars the value function, which for HDTV users definitely a cost-effective choice.

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