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Ic LA4190

LED has been the focus of the Chinese government to promote one of the items, from 2009 to 2015, seven years too Chinese "Ten City, ten thousand" Project Planning, has been including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Ningbo and IC LA4190 and other cities in 21 applications for the future needs of nearly 4.0 billion annually LED stars. Topology Research Institute assessment of the Chinese LED market in 2009 grew 61.96% to reach 74.5 billion yuan, will be completed by the end of more than 1.4 million LED lights, watching 2.5 million in 2010, and 2015 extended to 30% of the general expectation lighting market, the scale of up to 5,000 billion yuan.

LA4190 Suppliers

caused by the high cost of scrap, wastage of resources, lead and LA4190 Suppliers and sulfuric acid and other issues of environmental pollution is increasingly serious prominent, has become one of the major environmental problems of social problems.

LA4190 Price

Vishay precision resistor networks announced the launch of the prototype service Quick-Net, in order to provide designers and LA4190 Price and manufacturers to complete a period of two weeks of service, and no more than recurring engineering (NRE) costs. Quick-Net greatly reduce the need for high-precision analog circuits that will be the final product to market process, while allowing designers to specify a lower ratio and TCR tracking specifications. Precision resistor networks in various configurations in a single package integration of a large number of resistance elements, in many analog applications requiring high accuracy performance, its become saves space and reduces assembly cost of popular solutions. Resistor network prototyping typically take 10 weeks to produce a sample, while the Quick-Net only two weeks, some of which sample only 72 hours to complete prototype design, and no NRE costs. Custom-designed to meet customer needs, easy to fill out the fax form allows designers to specify the package, pin-out diagram, and the required electrical performance. Resistance range depending on the package may be, for most types, generally ranged from 100 ~ 100k, the single in-line package, the maximum resistance is 1M?. Have performance limitations, including as low as ± 0.01% (more than 1k?) The ratio tolerance, ± 0.1% absolute tolerance, in the temperature range of -55 ° C ~ +125 ° C when the ± 5PPM / ° C of the TCR tracking, 25mW / components maximum power. Quick-Net offers designers many types of network standards and package options, including SIP, DIP, flatpack, and leadless chip carrier package. The tantalum nitride resistor network or Tamelox passivated with nickel-chromium resistive film.

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