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According to the Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association data, the end of 2004, China has nearly 50 wafer manufacturing, IC packaging and IC LA5522 and testing 102, and IC assembly plant, 457 IC design companies. In 2004 the output value of Chinas domestic semiconductor industry, 364 billion yuan, about 4.4 billion, which accounted for 50% of the beta over, wafer manufacturing accounted for 30%, IC design less than 20%. The size of Chinas domestic semiconductor market in 2004, over 30 billion U.S. dollars. One factory had 225 top 20 billion U.S. dollars. Chinas fab four main types, the first substantial overseas Chinese investment, relying on government support and funding sources of capital operations, and technical personnel are mostly hired away from TSMC, UMC and the advanced world. Represented by SMIC. Followed by the JV, a joint venture between NEC and Shanghai Hua Hong Hua Hong NEC, Philips advanced semiconductor investments. Investment, mostly from local bank loans, are generally the main foreign joint venture party services. There is also a face-lift or direct factory in Taiwan to invest, such as technology and the ship is UMC. Once the policy of open, South Asia, ProMOS, Powerchip will come to China to invest in the Mainland. There is also domestic investment, the domestic investment funds are mainly from bank loans, many of the projects launched irrational. Capacity utilization is very low, or because of technical deficiency, long-term can not be put into production.

LA5522 Suppliers

Mouse enamel pattern using UV technology combined with injection photocopying technology, with a blue LED, bring very traditional texture. 1000DPI resolution, positioning accuracy, USB , As Intel's first DX10-level integrated chipset, G35Express historical mission nearing completion, will retire at the end of the year complete.

LA5522 Price

Recently, as a PC peripheral areas of a grand international brands Philips introduced its newest product based on 2.4GHz wireless mouse and LA5522 Price and keyboard - Unlimited notebook dual laser whale (SPM8713). Philips dual-laser small whale look beautiful, the species of white in the fashion I, but always exudes elegant atmosphere, a partner as the most suitable notebook. In order to give users control the most comfortable feeling in the mouse using the silicone material on both sides, not only feel superior, as well as anti-skid effect. Also used in the shell design is extremely smooth and matte, beautiful role in addition to more convenient for users outside the daily cleaning work.

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