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Union by the world famous enterprises, trade and IC LA7323 and investment in the United States Chamber of Commerce, the World Brand Organization, the global Chinese brands Net Selection in 2006, "the most valuable Chinese brand integrity hundred private enterprises" list announced 6 at Beijings Great Hall. 100 private enterprises in selected brands, UOB Group, Broad Air Conditioning, Shanda, Sany, Friends of the department stores, medium and large electrical appliances on the list. 2006 "hundred private enterprises in Chinas most valuable brand integrity" is a world famous brand of the General Assembly on the mainland of China more than 500 well-run private enterprises conducted comprehensive research assessment. Hundred private enterprises in the integrity of the brands most valuable key to see the selection of "good performance", the "good performance" emphasis on the following 10 indicators: 1, credibility-building 2, 3, independent innovation, the development of innovative 4, 5 after-sales service, contract 3 signed, the contract 5, customer service 6, 7, complaint handling, event handling 10, public relations. Candidate indicators based on the brand and overall performance, through voluntary reporting, an independent survey to solicit views of national authorities, experts in the field of economic research at home and abroad comprehensive review, etc. After several rounds of selection the last comprehensive assessment, the Committee by the Chinese and foreign experts and professors , academics, government and business personalities. Executive Chairman of the worlds leading business alliance, the U.S. trade and investment in the General Chamber of Commerce, the President Zhou Shan Kwan said that in the consumer market has been standardized, todays increasingly competitive market, private enterprises to achieve optimal development, we must Yangchangbuduan, Only private enterprises to create the most valuable brand integrity, in accordance with national policies to guide business development strategy to adjust to changes in market competition constantly adjust and gain the initiative.

LA7323 Suppliers

DRAM plant in addition to significant revenue decline, the sustainability of earnings is also affected by the test. Back-analysis of IC packaging and LA7323 Suppliers and testing industry to 512Mb DDRII, for example, chip manufacturers produce 12-inch plant each tablet change Gongben about 1.2 U.S. dollars, plus a fixed Gongben and downstream packaging and testing Gongben, and every single particle of total DRAM production Gongben more than 2 U.S. dollars, DRAM plant at this stage to be judged Grilled points and unlikely.

LA7323 Price

global spread of economic crisis, businesses much impact the semiconductor industry naturally not be an exception. EETimes recently to the plight of the top ten list of semiconductor companies (or a certain area), they, or at a loss, or may be acquired, or in seeking bankruptcy protection, or the condition deteriorated.

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