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First, Samsung has introduced LED TV, ultra-thin shape it caused the market wide attention and IC LA8638N and praise. The positive market reaction to stimulate the TV-related manufacturers with accelerated development and introduction of LED backlight LCD TV as the pace of product, so that the LED backlight of the LCD TV as a large-scale and time to market earlier than expected, 2-3 years. LCD TV LED backlight required for the performance requirements for the LED is high, not only to the high luminous efficiency, longer life, and the uniformity of light color and consistency but also good. Chinese companies manufacture LED chips difficult to achieve, coupled with IP concerns, almost no chip company in mainland China as LCD TV with LED backlight of qualified suppliers. However, the low-end products in the market, gave China LED chip and packaging manufacturers to bring business opportunities.

LA8638N Suppliers

"We are not a component of small businesses to mergers, because the country has too many similar production lines. We feel that planning their own new or expanded more cost-effective." One of the five major components of the CSI Canadian Solar Leader said.

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research firm DellOro report recently published, the first quarter of 2009, despite the still rising number of global mobile base stations, a record quarter for 10 million out of the base station volume, but sales dropped significantly. Therefore, the global wireless equipment market down more than 9% over the same period last year.

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