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Ic LA9240

MCU communications applications, however, has also been a significant growth, mainly from the latest model of cellular phones and IC LA9240 and so-called smart phone needs; in these applications, there Many cost-effective solutions, while providing sophisticated processing power, but also with low power consumption. such as the recent SiliconLaboratories began to supply a range of wireless transceiver product that works with a group of ultra-low power MCU, MCU as a set of wireless solutions.

LA9240 Suppliers

Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules (CSM) leader, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (MurataManufacturingCo., Ltd.), A subsidiary of SyChip, Inc. Today announced the launch of its first mobile WiMAX (IEEE802.16e-2005) chip scale module . This WiMAX9xxx module allows handheld manufacturers to quickly design and LA9240 Suppliers and WiMax functionality to mobile phones, ultra mobile personal computers, personal media players and personal navigation devices and other devices. SyMax (TM) platform includes WiMAX9xxx hardware and equipment to support WiMAX systems offer a full package all the necessary software. Chip-scale module contains a BaseBand (baseband) / MACIC, a wireless RF transceiver, a power amplifier (PA) and on-board memory and matching components. The software package includes drivers and application layer (ApplicationLayer) interfaces that will allow content providers, manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers the flexibility to integrate and optimize their respective applications (VoIP, video / audio streaming), host interfaces (SDIO , SPI, HalfMini-card) and operating systems (WindowsMobile, Linux). SyChip co-founder and chief marketing and business development senior vice president of MosesAsom said: "SyMax (TM) series of products use our lead and put the plug embedded space and wireless connectivity the available expertise. It will not only To provide our customers with a fast-market solutions, but also to minimize their upfront investment. We are working with us, and chipset manufacturers are now seeing the benefits. This market is directly related to current trends. IDC, WiMax technology in the telecom market in the largest increase, since 2005, has soared 140%. "used in line with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances standard) samples of the packaging design will be launched in August 2007. It is expected that the product will be the second quarter of 2008, began mass production.

LA9240 Price

ST introduced a series of high-precision digital-output temperature sensor. Temperature range of new products 55 from negative to positive 125 degrees Celsius degrees Celsius. STxx75 products and LA9240 Price and the software can be replaced directly compatible with industry-standard LM75, DS75 and TCN75A temperature sensor, and also improved the STs STLM20 series analog temperature sensor.

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