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Ic LB1838

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) today introduced two 24-bit 216kHz ADC (ADC), which further improved the high-performance audio signal chain, to meet the professional digital audio recording and IC LB1838 and processing applications. New dual-channel devices to achieve a high level of integration combined with high dynamic range, up to 124dB signal to noise ratio to ensure that (SNR) at the same time, the power consumption of only 50% of competing products. PCM4220 and PCM4222 integrate an on-chip linear phase decimation filter engine that supports typical and low group delay filter responses, allowing for studio or live sound applications to optimize the device. 6-bit modulator PCM4222 output shunt digital decimation filter, the designers to achieve higher system flexibility. That option is to create digital filter in the FPGA provides the versatility to help to achieve the final product differentiation customizing the performance. Both devices support the time division multiplexing features that simplify board layout and system partition, so that OEM manufacturers can daisy-chain up to four devices connected to the DSP or FPGA of the unity of the serial port. In addition to outstanding performance and high integration, low power consumption of these new devices, 48kHz next only 305mW, will not only help simplify power supply design, but also supports USB or Firewire bus entirely by the computer power supply solutions for audio interface . Availability and Packaging The PCM4222 and PCM4220 are available now, both devices are 48-pin TQFP package.

LB1838 Suppliers

S60 Nokia 5320XM using the latest version of the operating system, and LB1838 Suppliers and Nokia N78/N96 is the same, the screen adjustment option is also consistent with the option to adjust the screen is very comprehensive, built a number of Nokia 5320XM theme, all the main music playing, dynamic.

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Steadily as temperatures soared, thermal performance has become the number one host of computer problems. In 2010, Cooler Master, other than the chassis, power supply products on a large number of excellent contributions, the radiator R & D capabilities also allow the majority of players believe. Recently, Cooler increased the pace of the radiator market, following a series of radiator Cooler Eagle, the bitter cold cyclone V4, V2 and LB1838 Price and strong on the market.

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