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Ic LE79R251JC

University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute of IT strong motion Union, "Embedded System Development Technology Expo (ESEC 2008)" The Sanyo Semiconductor exhibition, displaying the ability to detect the equivalent of 0 magnitude at low cost small faint vibration sensor module. Prior to that, can detect faint vibration seismograph prices up to several million yen, and IC LE79R251JC and the sensor module if mass production, prices could fall to 1 million yen to the ground in a large number of buildings and settings. Using this sensor, capable of building such as an earthquake disaster to assess the extent of damage. The sensors detect vibrations buildings usually weak, and the data and compare the data after the earthquake assessment. If the earthquake were compared before and after strengthening works, would help to confirm the seismic results. If you set the sensor in a number of buildings, then not only the strength of the building compared with each other, but also to grasp the large-scale earthquake disaster when the situation. In addition, the sensor also envisaged for the early detection of micro-earthquakes (P wave).

LE79R251JC Suppliers

YORK Beijing September 13 News Service Ricoh CX1 in its internal use total pixels 10.29 million of the CMOS light-sensitive sensor, the Ricoh CX1 uses the 28-200mm lens, CMOS image sensors and LE79R251JC Suppliers and SIEIV image processor, so that the film feel more clear in the use of large aperture telephoto shooting was accurate when showing the effect of depth of field. Ricoh's imaging CX1 delicate and brightly colored. CX1 from Ricoh, we can easily see the use of a CMOS image sensor and image processor SIEIV type, so that the imaging Ricoh CX1 more delicate colors more vivid. Editor learned from the recent market price for the Ricoh CX1 1950 yuan. Did not change the appearance of the front is still top of the screen, Click Wheel below the round

LE79R251JC Price

Apple store Beijing British Hua Chen, China World Shopping Mall smooth stationed. Ying Hua Chen Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing mainly engaged in the full range of Apple and LE79R251JC Price and Apple products, the company was established in 2006 as the only high-quality Northern apple distributors, companies located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Dalian, Shenyang, Jilin, Heilongjiang, , the existing more than 20 own stores more than 200 employees.

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