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Ic LE87213QC

As an advocate of music phones, cool cell phone of music than can be said to create excellence. Cool than the market as early as before, on the topic of music on mobile phones has not broken off. People's Daily in an interview earlier, when Chen Kaifeng to the mobile phone market segmentation put forward the argument has only just begun, causing the industry's attention. In a sense, Chen Kaifeng more concerned about the real music phone. In an interview, he points to make their own music phone standards. First, focus on the music player's convenience and IC LE87213QC and design of human nature, cool, in this respect than the amount of increased research and development, but also reflect the local brands accurate grasp of consumer demand; Secondly, sound quality, Chen Kaifeng introduction, cool sound effects than the original KTS system, using the world's top VIA (WOLFSON) music decoder chip, Yamaha (YAMAHA) music amplifier chips and clean sound PMT independent research and development techniques to ensure perfect sound quality than a cell phone cool.

LE87213QC Suppliers

Since 1983, Krysiak in the company held various positions, from the department responsible for the development of advanced microprocessors to manage complex projects and LE87213QC Suppliers and then to lead innovation system chip The global business of consumer applications. September 2004, Krysiak became the newly formed families, individuals and communications products division, director of marketing, sales of the sector is not only one-third of total annual sales of more than ST, and encompasses everything from phones to digital set-top box of a set of applications .

LE87213QC Price

last in the source materials that have no industry, and LE87213QC Price and I want to enter the solar industry, this high-margin, relying on a lot of money led his army into the solar energy, great buy whole plant equipment (Turnkey) silicon thin film solar industry, and therefore became noisy. Thin-film solar relied on non-material shortage problem, the cost of crystalline silicon solar low when compared with 2008, also shine. but then letting the financial turmoil of the solar high-speed train rapid fall, chaos seems little sign of respite.

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