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Reporter: At present, many manufacturers into the PHS market, the price dropped PHS mobile phone quickly, and IC LF33CDT and now the PHS phone, or both in appearance and price trends are the convergence of traditional mobile phone market, so PHS will appear next year whether the market over the traditional phone market competition situation?

LF33CDT Suppliers

Mr. Zhu also mentioned previously thought of insured issues, Oct. 11, Mr. Zhu came to Su Ning, a refund of the difference. However, due to sale of Golden Week has ended, the sales staff said it is too late. After the news that Mr Zhu has found the head of the store consultations, taking into account that stores Chu, "October" special circumstances during the trip, and LF33CDT Suppliers and finally come up with a compromise, the return of 2,000 vouchers for the Chu Chu Mr. satisfied.

LF33CDT Price

With the e-reader technology, e-book market competition unusually intense. Major manufacturers have for their new product development capabilities to respond to the increasing homogenization of the serious situation. Bi Sheng of all things electronic paper book green, another way to add mobile phones in the product that features a walk in the forefront of peers. "At present, e-book market is still in a fledgling state, the various manufacturers of the products have not shown much difference, all things considered young in terms of differentiating a start, I hope we get recognized." All things green Beijing Tao Technology Co., Ltd general manager of the national e-books that evaluate the current market. At present, e-reader market, mostly with the E-Ink recommended programs exist, such as E-Ink upstream capacity constraints, and LF33CDT Price and all things green through the "independent innovation and brand" concept, creating a far world's first with self-knowledge Property operating platform, and is committed to the mobile electronic paper book Bisheng fight the Chinese electronic reader industry brand.

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