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Ic LF356H

hybrid vehicles and IC LF356H and electric vehicles to improve battery performance highlights the lithium-ion technology in the Continental line of importance. From the mid 90s of last century, and mainland China began to develop hybrid drive for power electronic components, motors and energy storage devices. It is also the worlds only hybrid power systems supplier of non-subsistence, and since 2003 there is a small amount of weak hybrid system put into production. Powertrain technology lithium-ion batteries have been announced this year began series production.

LF356H Suppliers

rising global oil prices and LF356H Suppliers and increasingly stringent exhaust gas regulations of noise pollution on the environment and climate make less impact the development of a new drive system. Continentals powertrain department that hybrid drive and electric drive is the right to achieve sustainable mobility development program, which meets the end-users of automotive economy and power requirements. "In the application of lithium-ion battery technology is hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles key to success. Powertrain division will extend the battery performance to meet the 120 kW power demand, significant storage capacity to 18 kWh, set up for the field new standard. "hybrid vehicles, executive vice president about the Department of cells.

LF356H Price

Also, Deltas LED energy-saving light bulbs use lead-free manufacturing process, completely mercury, in line with EU RoHs standards in line with Delta again and LF356H Price and again to promote the environment protection and energy concept can reduce the impact on the global environment. Delta also plans in July this year, the overall luminous efficiency will be raised to 70 lumens per watt output, a considerable saving products in a representative, can completely replace the electronic energy saving bulbs, it will be a major breakthrough in the Delta.

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