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Chinas rapid growth in car production, led to the demand for automotive electronics has increased substantially. China Automotive Electronics 2007 from $ 4,980,000,000 in 2003, up to 16.361 billion U.S. dollars, the annual compound growth rate will reach 34.6%. Compound annual growth rate than the car (19%) higher than the 15.6 percent growth in the mainland range of automotive electronic products is another reason for the larger vehicles in recent years, the rapid growth of electronics exports. Exports rose from $ 1,145,000,000 in 2003, increased to $ 5,370,000,000 in 2007, the annual compound growth rate will reach 47.2%. The ratio of exports to total sales, from 23% in 2003, rising to 32.8% in 2007. 1-8 months of this year, motor vehicle ignition wiring sets and IC LF6089 and other wiring sets of a car with an external power supply included (released) Sound Machine, radio navigation equipment, motor vehicles, larger exports, respectively, 32.5% of total exports , 26.8% and 17.3% (Table 1). Mainland China imports less auto electronic products, from $ 453,000,000 in 2003, will grow to $ 1,119,000,000 in 2007, is expected in 2007 is equivalent to only 20.8% of exports also promote Chinas fast growing automotive electronics industry important driving force is the market for automotive safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, higher intelligence and information requirements of automotive electronics products in the vehicle to promote the share of cost is also rising.

LF6089 Suppliers

SMIC (NYSE: SMI) announced as of September 30 in the third quarter 2008 earnings in the third quarter revenue of $ 375,900,000, compared with the previous quarter growth of 9.6%; net loss of $ 30,300,000, compared with the previous quarter decreased $ 45,600,000. - Third quarter revenue was $ 375,900,000, compared with the previous quarter 9.6%. Especially the third quarter of 0.13 micron and LF6089 Suppliers and 90 nanometer product sales, increased sequentially 23.3 %;

LF6089 Price

In addition, Seagate and LF6089 Price and is working with Sanyo, HarmanBecker and PortoMedia and other vendors, DAVE technology platform will be integrated into their applications, play a significant wireless communications, mobility and storage capacity. DAVE technology will be integrated into future high-end automotive media servers HarmanBecker provide car movies, music, games and other multimedia file storage function; while Sanyo Xacti digital video camera to provide high-resolution digital video storage. DAVE technology also allows users to quickly and easily download standard and high definition movies, TV shows, music and other multimedia files, with PortoMedia construct a portable media delivery system.

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