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Ic LH1550

Announcement that the company in 2009 5 to 7 December to participate in Wuhan International Convention and IC LH1550 and Exhibition Center held the "2009 China (Wuhan) International Exhibition of green lighting and municipal lighting," the companys holding company in Shenzhen Mayor optical semiconductor LED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. introduced its new technology and new products released LDE.

LH1550 Suppliers

Warner's cartoon "Tom and LH1550 Suppliers and Jerry" from its inception in 1940, has been one of the world's most popular cartoon, Tom and jerry funny clown that of the last century to 90 years China is the broad masses of the people after the fanatical love, and has been a popular and recognized the powerful appeal. "Tom and Jerry" The unique appeal of the body, has won the favor of Malata. Malata seems that this is unique in a "Tom and Jerry" and "attractive charm", this charm also happens to e-education under the Malata, "lecture, reading machines," consistent with the brand personality to work with this successful . Malata also believe that the "Tom and Jerry," the endorsement, will usher in the electronics industry in the education of new Malata brilliant point.

LH1550 Price

Output, under specified conditions of 1.2 million electronic / lx · second, random noise is 70,000 electrons. Transistor for each pixel by the average number of control to 1.75 and LH1550 Price and so on, the opening rate (each pixel in the photoelectric conversion part of the area ratio) increased to 38%. Process specifications used 180nm. Pixels per line integration of a 10-bit A-D converter. Structure is a polysilicon layer 3 routing layers.

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