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The continuation of the Samsung P510 and IC LH28F800BGHE-TTL10 and dual-screen clamshell design, more is worth mentioning that the P510 with a key to automatically clamshell design, press and electro-hydraulic automatic flip health, will automatically open or close the flip. This design not only feels new, and you can see when this phone design humane consideration. Also note that, the use of electronically controlled hydraulic, Samsung P510 in the absence of sufficient power will not automatically flip open or closed. The phone is used outside the flat 4-color OLED screen to display information without fear of interference of light, bright light in the outdoors can still clearly read the external screen information, and can act as a viewfinder make the use of photographs. Is used in the main screen 26 million color TFT screen display in the regulation of move. Ring side, this P510 is a more high-end uses 64 polyphonic ring tones, volume, smaller but relatively strong penetration. Samsung ring tones format has not much support, users can only download some Samsung mobile phone ring tones online, in terms of personalized ring tones are slightly lacking. 30 megapixel camera megapixels call the shots in the present configuration of the market in terms of some slightly outdated, but the machine is equipped with a flash and the camera functions as a fairly complete cover, so in general, the phone's camera function is quite so were satisfied! P510 supports infrared transmission, but does not support Bluetooth, and how many people feel sorry. Stroke, like ten years ago, who would have thought today's Internet Nisshin Miles? Would not think today's networks have evolved into a cultural phenomenon.

LH28F800BGHE-TTL10 Suppliers

s Chinas first 6 Line, BOE Hefei 6 Line products following the September 3rd light, into pre-production phase, the month that the brand manufacturers to deliver a formal realization of products, which marks the BOE Hefei 6 Line progress made another stage to full production has taken a solid step forward.

LH28F800BGHE-TTL10 Price

Mouse as we use every day computer peripheral products, feel the comfort and LH28F800BGHE-TTL10 Price and performance of a direct impact on the health of our hands and office efficiency. Latest key a six-speed wireless mouse V10i, not only in shape, using ergonomic design, comfort grip; and mouse in terms of performance using the details of human design, can greatly improve efficiency.

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