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Matsushita Electric has released the original brightness of about 1.4 times increased to 900lm luminous flux white LED illumination apparatus "with a new MFORCE the LED ceiling." Set in the high-3m in the ceiling, floor to 500lx illumination above the floor 1m up position (ie at the ceiling down to 2m) of the illumination 800lx. Lighting illumination in accordance with the brightness of the JIS standard, the product to ensure offices, treatment rooms, conference rooms, elevators and IC LH28F800BVHE-BTL90 and escalators and other Office of the brightness required. As a general lighting, white LED lighting uses very extensive. It is estimated that the use of multiple lighting fixtures to achieve the same brightness of the same space, the products power consumption is only 100W incandescent about 1 / 5, 25W fluorescent ball about 4 / 5. Scheduled 2008 fall. 08 year sales target of 5000.

LH28F800BVHE-BTL90 Suppliers

Man X6 driving into the distance with a classic black whole body style, chassis overall look seems to be rather calm, but as long as you will find this case little attention to the surface of seemingly low-key, but into the extraordinary artistic skill. As the first panel with a relief pattern of the chassis to pull Man X6 feels personality rather than obvious, the strong three-dimensional embossed panel lines clear, beautiful flower, showing the engine, the unique and LH28F800BVHE-BTL90 Suppliers and exquisite artistic creativity manufacturing process. New Pope MP11 from the Boss listed Terman! From Boss Terman interpretation of the Pop Art and the portable digital audio products for a new understanding.

LH28F800BVHE-BTL90 Price

Finally, in order to ensure clean, must be absolutely avoided in the use of the brush head and LH28F800BVHE-BTL90 Price and hands, desktop, and easily lead to contact with contaminated objects. If you have contact, you can use a small amount of Alma P-type lens cleaning fluid, cleaning of the brush head; dipped in each cleaning need only 2-3 drops of cleaning fluid, then dry lens paper. Is repeated several times until the brush head and clean the surface of oil. Long-term use of micro-suction Po hair hair removal because of contaminated dust and other impurities will cause reduce the cleaning effect, the above method can also be used clean.

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