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in the design, multi-junction solar cell by using a battery of three sub-band gap of the solar spectrum can be divided into three smaller blocks. Each sub-cells can effectively convert light into current. After the conversion efficiency of 40.7% by measuring the deformation multi-junction concentrator solar cells beyond the single-node 37% of the sun 1000 times the theoretical value of the limit.

LM119J Suppliers

This month, the job market situation a bit quiet, in addition to "publish the largest number of professional posts TOP10" there are more variations, the rest are small change. August is quiet in January recruitment, but peace does not mean plain, some industries, changes in ranking positions are still worth noting. Calm in August, but September is stormy wave of campus recruiting precursor. (2) various protection functions. Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, reliable and LM119J Suppliers and fault protection functions, and consider the external power grid and other aspects of lightning protection.

LM119J Price

He said that 2008 is a crucial year for development of the industry to achieve Chinas electric power production, transmission parameters to the high efficiency, high-grade, the direction of energy-saving products goal, the industry faces enormous development space, but there are still some constraints. (1) harmonic suppression effect is good. Voltage harmonic content of less than 3%, in line with IEEE519-1992 and LM119J Price and GB/T14549-93 standards.

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