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Ic LM124J/883QS

Since it is an e-book, e-book function of the natural Great Wall of V7 is still strong, she supports TXT, PDF, CHM, HTM, PDB, UMD, and IC LM124J/883QS and other text to read formats, support for bookmarks, plus unique Intelligent Fragment (Automatic Identification section) function, specify the page number to find a simple and direct, without the need to re-read many times. Random comments, random deletion. Annotation automatic memory contents, never lost. Wall V7 also added sound reading, audio-visual integration, support RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV and other video formats, the maximum memory expandable to 32G.

LM124J/883QS Suppliers

National Semiconductor Corporation (NationalSemiconductorCorporation) announced the launch of a new series of precision operational amplifier assembly of the first dual amplifier. Since this amplifier has been made QMLVs certification, it is ideal for space communication system amplifier. LMP2012WGLQMLV dual operational amplifiers optimized for assembly of satellite communication equipment, such as altitude and LM124J/883QS Suppliers and orbit control system, sun and inertial sensors, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, static earth sensing, bolometers and earth observation systems. LMP2012WGLQMLV chip is a rail to rail output operational amplifier is that it can use a variety of patented techniques to measure and continually correct the input offset error voltage, but will not interfere with traditional amplifiers in the frequency of the voltage and current noise, so This high-performance amplifiers in a long time and a wider temperature range to ensure that signal a high degree of accuracy and stability. The device is radiation tested to withstand 50Krad (Si) radiation, but also in the full space temperature range, the common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of up to 90dB. LMP2012WGLQMLV chip can use 2.7V to 5V supply voltage operation, and performance, ideal for transducer amplifiers, high-gain configurations, analog / digital converter buffer amplifier, and digital / analog converter for current / voltage conversion system. LMP2012WGLQMLV -55 degrees Celsius for the chip to 125 degrees C temperature range, input offset voltage as low as 60mV, slew rate was 4V/us, and gain bandwidth as high as 3MHz, so you can be accurate signal amplification. The main technical characteristics of the chip also 35nV/sqrtHz the input referred voltage noise, and more than 100dB open-loop gain.

LM124J/883QS Price

In fact, cell phone manufacturers also make the terminal operators took the "olive branch" of the preparation. "Jin operators always up and LM124J/883QS Price and down as a new business group to focus on training capacity, in the consciousness, organization, and resources into efforts to promote other aspects, and has made good progress." Group Chairman and CEO Jin Liu Lirong the case said.

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