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It is reported that Shenzhen attaches great importance to the emerging LED industry, and IC LM1881MX and had to seize the high ground as the LED industry, the citys industrial restructuring and fostering new economic growth point of the major industries. Recently, Shenzhen LED industry is "big move" frequently. Year, the city government after in-depth research and consultation, has issued, including the "Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry for a number of measures", estate planning, demonstration projects, including four "red tape", even behind the citys LED industry, Run. Raised from this year, Shenzhen will be for 3 years research funding from the City to allocate 100 million yuan in special industrial funds (not including demonstration subsidies), to promote the LED industry. According to the latest industry planning, the future development of the Shenzhen LED industry, the main goal is the formation of 130 billion yuan in 2015 the output value of scale.

LM1881MX Suppliers

City Bao Enzhong LED Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General told reporters last night that "the number of enterprises in Shenzhen LED has occupied more than half of the country, the output value is huge. The "Opinions" The introduction of LED industry in Shenzhen, will be a significant policy good, has an important role in guiding and LM1881MX Suppliers and active booster will help Shenzhen will further strengthen and expand the LED industry !"

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press the letter from the Municipal Trade and LM1881MX Price and Industry Committee to the latest industry information display, after ten years of training and development, Shenzhen City, semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and sales of various types of enterprises, as more than 700 last year, more than 900 expected this year, the initial formation of a extension from the upstream chip to the package, applications and products supporting the industrial chain; Last year, Shenzhen LED industry production value is exceeded 18.0 billion, employed more than 12 million people, more than 20 million registered capital. Century Epitech, Yuanheng optoelectronics, Bang Beier, Chau Ming, Emperor of light, dozens of parties and large enterprises, has been leading the LED lighting, backlight display, large screen, and other applications.

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