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Ic LM193J

Since then, the electronic product design into two levels, one is the physical platform to achieve functional structures, and IC LM193J and the other is to develop intelligent factors (the intelligence factor is usually achieved by programming), and In manufacturing, after "loading" into the physical platform. This gradually has evolved into an embedded design hardware and software design.

LM193J Suppliers

huge market opportunities to attract Taiwan companies card bit layout. Taiwan and LM193J Suppliers and the mainland by more manufacturers, vendors from the mainland tender, then as shipping suppliers, indirectly involved in the related business opportunities. Guanglei (2340) won both the city ten thousand ten, and the Shanghai World Expo will double opportunities, in addition, a high-power LED crystal electric power production (2448), Formosa Epitaxy (3061) is also expected to benefit.

LM193J Price

RamtronInternational the company announced that its 16Kb, 5V, SPIFRAM memory FM25C160 has received AEC-Q100 standard certification (Automotive Electronic Councils Stress Test for the standard integrated circuit). FM25C160 in paragraph 3 to AEC-Q100 standard certification of FRAM devices, but also the companys commitment to meet the strict automotive qualification plan. Currently, Ramtron is also developing a variety of scope of work dedicated to Grade1 grade (-40 ℃ to 125 ℃) of FRAM products. MikeAlwais Ramtron vice president, explained: "This achievement demonstrates yet again Ramtron is committed to meet the areas of automotive electronics design and LM193J Price and procurement challenges. In the United States, Europe and Asia, the major supplier of automotive electronic systems into their smart airbags have FM25C160 design, including Korea HyundaiAutonet company. Because the device has a 5V operating voltage and serial peripheral interface (SPI), so popular in such applications. "FRAM for smart airbag airbag intelligent design today focused on different parameters to control the airbag deployment force. Such as crash severity, passenger weight and other security systems and vehicle movements and so on. Sensors throughout the vehicle parameter data is generated, sent to the cars electronic control unit (ECU), which stimulate the balloon "intelligently" to play a role. As the car was designed with more sensors, we need to collect more data. FRAMNoDelay way without waiting for help to write a more high-speed collection of more data, so security system actions based on the most timely information. FM25C160 features FM25C160 is 16kb non-volatile FRAM, an industry-standard SPI interface, and leverages the high-speed write capability of FRAM. FM25C160 hardware can replace EEPROM, but more powerful, you can speed up to 20MHz bus read and write operations, and has virtually unlimited endurance (1 trillion writes), 45 year data retention capability and low power consumption. The device in the entire industrial temperature range (-40 ~ +85 ℃) work, 5V operating voltage, and use of environmentally friendly lead-free SOIC-8 package.

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