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Ic LM1971M

Gartner has raised its first quarter of this year, global semiconductor sales will be made up 19.9% of expectations. Gartner analysts said that they expected to increase, partly because the majority of all global regions and IC LM1971M and the broad category of semiconductor products recovery.

LM1971M Suppliers

Furthermore, the realization of the switching power supply LED dimming modulation analysis is also essential. LED dimming realize there are two main ways: First, reduce the LED current; second, quickly switch LED, and LM1971M Suppliers and the current waveform by pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming is more accurate. Obviously, the latter has become the industry mainstream, in the lighting and display applications, PWM frequency of 100Hz need than to not feel so naked eye blinking, and 10% of the pulse width of the range in ms, and the bandwidth requirements of the power is greater than 10kHz and the control loop is always active, and extremely fast transient response.

LM1971M Price

in the past year, the global semiconductor industry, the impact of the global financial crisis hit bottom , the growth rate has been leading the overall level of the global semiconductor industry in China can not escape. According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association data, first half of 2009 China's IC output was 19.244 billion, down 19.1%; whole industry sales revenue of 46.792 billion yuan, down 26.9%. While the first half of this year, production and LM1971M Price and sales of integrated circuits is still in negative growth year on year, but the second quarter year on year decline in sales in the first quarter, down 34.1% to 20.3% over the sharply increased by 30.8%, signs of recovery in the semiconductor industry in China has been very obvious.

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