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3G of three standards in China should occupy a certain market share. Some analysts believe that the first phase of 3G equipment investment will reach 100 billion -200 billion. Ministry of Information Industry released a report, in 2006 alone, 3G network construction will invest 500 billion yuan of funds. Authoritative experts actually predicted according to data aggregation operator, the entire infrastructure of 3G in China about 4000-6000 billion set .3 G network launched, the first six years of about 1000 billion investment every year. Large sums of money need a variety of economic sectors to support the participation !

LM2412T Suppliers

A motion: China is the worlds largest consumer and LM2412T Suppliers and largest producer, but not a color TV power, because many do not have the core technology in the hands of the Chinese people. Included in the previous year 70 million TV sets in China all use of imported chips. A chip that is about ten dollars, is a large number of foreign exchange. From now on, Chinas color TV sets have their own chips, I think the color TV in China has independent intellectual property rights to Hisense this road opened first, in the future there will be more companies to develop more chips.

LM2412T Price

YORK April 26 news in order to reduce the price threshold, the VIA EPIA-type cheap before the market's first motherboard - 』『 EPIALN10000EG as 』『 EPIA-EN Series of follow-up model, 』『 EPIALN10000EG processor frequency difference is down to 1GHz, the number of onboard USB2.0 interface, reduced to 2 groups (* also leads Group 6 by cable), the minimum retail price about RMB 1,462 yuan. 』『 EPIALN10000EG VIACN700/VT8237R chipset equipped motherboard, integrated S3GraphicsUniChromePro integrated graphics processor (IGP) core, and LM2412T Price and have ChromotionCE video display engine, hardware MPEG-2 decoding acceleration and can provide precise and smooth video playback capabilities. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Board has also adopted 』『 EPIALN10000EG ultra-small package VIAC71.0GHz NanoBGA2 fanless processor with high performance VIAV4 bus, 128KB cache level with two built-in, and can improve multimedia performance SSE2, SSE3 instruction set, and built-in hardware data 』『 PadLock Security Suite, accelerated by the on-chip components, provides a range of advanced data encoding and security technology. 』『 EPIALN10000EG maximum support 1GBDDR2-533/400 memory board has a PCI expansion slots, built-in Fast Ethernet, SDTV TV output (S-Video and AV), S / PDIF coaxial output (* shared AV Interface ), USB2.0 interface and AC'97 audio.

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