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Ic LM2574HVM-3.3

LCOS optical engine is currently dominated by three-piece, three-piece is the light source by the beam splitter will be divided into red, blue, green, and IC LM2574HVM-3.3 and then respectively beam projected into the three LCOS panels, the three-color image projected through the optical system to be combined together to form color images. Nikon designed for IBM 4-Cube optical engine architecture point of view, the three-piece LCOS optical engine in addition to the three panels, combined with a number of spectroscopic, combined light optical system, so larger and higher cost, However, because of high optical efficiency can be achieved, but also with the characteristics of high-definition, so is mainly towards the development of high-end professional use, the main variety of products to JVCs projector based, in addition, three-piece ColorLink optical engine also used ColoRQuard architecture, Philips of the Prism architecture, Primax development Dichroic-PBS structure, and Unaxis of ColorCorner architecture ... and so on.

LM2574HVM-3.3 Suppliers

Gartner research vice president Richard Gordon that the view from the economic cycle, the overall situation can not be bad. Because even the largest industrial sector in the ups and LM2574HVM-3.3 Suppliers and downs and regional markets, has yet to see the electronic plate with a sharp fall in sales. In addition, one function of birth Wall TV market, can promote users to buy, any arrangement of the second TV.

LM2574HVM-3.3 Price

20-pin QFN package TLK1101E now available. Samples and LM2574HVM-3.3 Price and evaluation boards also provided (EVM). Sharp 2160mm × 2400mm glass substrates used to produce 46-inch, 52-inch TV panels, 32-inch size is also an economic cut the size of Samsung 2200mm × 2500mm, is 52 inches for the main products, but also can produce 46-inch, 47 inch, 32-inch TV panels.

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