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Ic LM2576S-ADJ

erhaps due to the success of the previous industry downturn prevent many Chinese people seem to 2008/2009 semiconductor industry semiconductor industry significantly underestimate the severity of the recession. Following the 3% decline in 2008, the global semiconductor industry in 2009 is expected to have double-digit decline. In this case, China is still expected in 2009, can achieve single-digit growth and IC LM2576S-ADJ and achieved in 2010 and 2011, less than double-digit growth. The possibility of realizing this growth is expected to appear very small, because the Chinese share of global semiconductor in 2008, 38% of the consumer market in 2008, the Chinese market and industry have come up with the same period the previous year for two consecutive quarters, compared with the two digit negative growth. Many people in Chinas semiconductor industry is expected to adjust the figures compared with 2008, now expected in 2009 11% of the semiconductor market will decline.

LM2576S-ADJ Suppliers

he past year, Chinas semiconductor industry, the first significant slump in the global industry, the impact - the impact of an unexpected. In contrast, the recession of 2001 did not essentially affect China, even in the global semiconductor market was down 32% of the cases, the Chinese semiconductor market is still maintained a 18% growth. Similarly, the 1996 and LM2576S-ADJ Suppliers and 1998, with the global market and 8% 9% compared to the rate of decline, Chinas market growth rate reached 25%.

LM2576S-ADJ Price

industry data very well: in February the global semiconductor market sales of 220 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 56.2%, down only 1.3% qoq, strong; all regions year on year growth may have peaked, the U.S. market into the normal seasonal cycle; North American semiconductor equipment orders bill ratio remained at a high of 1.22, order from the highest peak there is a big gap in absolute terms, do not worry about over-supply; DRAM spot prices remain stable, iPad listing Flash prices to stabilize; semiconductor manufacturers in March and LM2576S-ADJ Price and a beautiful quarter revenue performance, the majority of corporate performance than expected. apid growth of Chinas semiconductor industry concerns, PwC began in 2004 in this series of studies: "The Chinese influence on the global semiconductor industry." More specifically, to help customers find the volume of production in China is contributing to global overcapacity leading to the answer to declining industries.

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