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Ic LM2596S-12

Recently more and IC LM2596S-12 and more Japanese are using an older mobile phone models of global 3G users begin to replace, which supports for overseas GSM (2G) standards, there has been steering the trend of multi-band models. In addition, with a range of non-phone features, such as single-stage (One-Seg) terrestrial digital multimedia broadcast receiving mobile phone is becoming more and more popular, with the phone itself has become more delicate, which also led to the circuit board installed in the phone growth in the number of electronic devices. These trends increased the support for 2G and 3G multi-band and mode, along with faster operation and more compact slim package RF transceiver IC demand.

LM2596S-12 Suppliers

MAX2838s transmitter has a 60dB gain control range, digitally controlled 1dB steps to provide 0dBm linear output and LM2596S-12 Suppliers and 64-QAM signals, sideband suppression> 45dB for-70dBr spectrum template EVM is better than-36dB. Transmitter output of the high linearity so that the transceiver can be used in WiMAX pico or femto base stations, CPE or PC cards and USB dongle device users. In addition, a unique master / slave mode allows two MAX2838 transceivers operate in MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) or MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) configuration to improve system range and data throughput.

LM2596S-12 Price

MAX2838 uses Maxim internal high-performance SiGe BiCMOS process design, providing the industrys best receiver performance. Chip has a low 2.8dB receiver noise figure,-11dBm input IP3, and-39dBc integrated VCO phase noise, consumes only 288mW of power. The receiver has a 94dB gain control range, digitally controlled 2dB steps. Receiver EVM is better than-35dB, sideband suppression is> 45dB.

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