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At the same time, governments and IC LM2703MFX-ADJ and industry associations have begun the development of automotive electronics industry, given high priority. MCU family business executives in Shanghai on the "China Electronics News" reporter, said that they participated in the Shanghai company recently organized by the relevant government departments, automotive workshops, these meetings organized automotive electronics enterprises upstream and downstream industry chain information sharing related and seminars. Although companies are not prepared to enter the latest automotive electronics market, but they said the governments attention but also give them some confidence, their future will certainly be involved in the market because this market is so huge. The Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen, Cai Jinjiang, told reporters that they also are preparing similar meetings in the chain, to promote the development of automotive electronics industry.

LM2703MFX-ADJ Suppliers

in Shanghai, Shanghai Feilegufen joint R & D Co., Ltd. and LM2703MFX-ADJ Suppliers and Shanghai University of automotive electronic controllers dedicated chip, the chip now has the control module into the car with the matching channel ; Shanghai Koito, Yao Shanghai Symphony and the Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property Exchange jointly developed the light control module and the chip has been successfully used Audi models; Hysen too grams of speed, pressure, temperature, brake sensor also received a class automotive supplier orders. In Shenzhen, BYD Microelectronics has developed out of the bus with the IGBT chips, and enter the batch testing phase; high wave sensor technology developed bipolar integrated circuits, and other automotive-specific products. In Xian, Xian, China News R & D of GPS navigation chip integration with other products, the formation of navigation and mobile TV functionality with a module, into a domestic brand car.

LM2703MFX-ADJ Price

Olympus adhering to the "SocialIN" business philosophy, in adapting to the needs of society, and LM2703MFX-ADJ Price and social integration at the same time, through the the development of new value for the community, become a "value-creating enterprise" for the realization of human health and happy life and continuous efforts. end, the Chinese Fabless into the automotive electronics market, we must choose a good starting point.

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