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Ic LM2902D

the state Energy Minister Nika La Smirnov clear that the strong support given to enterprises in Shenzhen LED, LED products in the local establishment of the Shenzhen Exhibition Center, as Shenzhen enterprises stationed in the Russian market opens a door. Finally, the Yekaterinburg State Government hoped that through policy, land, plant and IC LM2902D and other aspects of support, as soon as possible to promote the establishment of Sino-Russian joint venture lighting companies.

LM2902D Suppliers

R & D and LM2902D Suppliers and manufacturing, as the two giants, Intel and TSMC have advocated in 2010 by 18-inch wafer technology. But the whole semiconductor industry, the demand from the chip manufacturer to manufacturer, to form a manufacturing consensus. According to Ji, vice president of introduction, this study, the Yekaterinburg State Government and the Shenzhen Import and Export Chamber of Commerce of the companies signed a purchase order LED energy-saving products, such as urban street and so on. Meanwhile, the two sides also energy-saving LED industry, technology, development potential and other issues in-depth exchanges and discussions.

LM2902D Price

to further expand areas of cooperation between China and LM2902D Price and Russia, Chinese companies to go out to meet the urgent needs of mid-September, Vice President of Shenzhen Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen City Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Mousterian JI Ze double line of several people went to Russia for business visits, with the state Department of Energy, Yekaterinburg, Samara and other units of Commerce and Industry reached a cooperation.

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