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Ic LM2940CS-12

various vendors in order to break the monopoly market, Mitsubishi Chemical tireless efforts of the current situation. In the area of the red phosphor, Nichia Chemical Industries in June 2010 held a press conference, the purpose is to declare himself a number of jointly held with the DOWA electronic SCASN CASN and IC LM2940CS-12 and related patents held by Nichia Chemical Industries and other patents ( in Japan Patent No. 4414821,4415065,4422653,4511849,4511885 and so on. In the United States and Europe have approved a patent..) There is no doubt in the future, in addition to limit the new companies without the permission shall not produce a red phosphor in addition, there will be a lot of shaking the status of Mitsubishi Chemical strong initiatives appear. In fact, Nichia Chemical Industries intends to hold the patents as a weapon to negotiate with the Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Chemical to let in the CASN and SCASN the manufacture and use, etc. to make favorable concessions, however, to express strong Mitsubishi Chemical, There is no business in the red phosphor of any patent infringement. For example, Nichia Chemical Industries also to manufacture CASN and SCASN, and for white LED, and so on.

LM2940CS-12 Suppliers

Bank of Korea on January 22 and LM2940CS-12 Suppliers and officially released the new version million won worth of notes (see above). Among them, the new million notes, the Chinese ancient astronomical instruments, "armillary sphere," impressively on paper, which triggered controversy. Armillary sphere armillary sphere and celestial globe is a general term. Armillary sphere celestial sphere coordinates is to measure an instrument, while the celestial globe is an ancient astronomical instrument used to demonstrate that they are great astronomer Zhang Heng of the Eastern Han Dynasty by the system. Armillary sphere is a recognition of Korean astronomical instruments from China. And its currency in South Korea and India, is bound to represent the Korean people that the armillary sphere of scientific results. used in combination with the blue LED chip green phosphor and red phosphor CASN CSO higher stability. For example, even if the temperature rises, and the common yellow phosphor YAG compared to lower light intensity is not easy.

LM2940CS-12 Price

With this momentum, Mitsubishi Chemical plans to expand its white LED phosphor business. Goal is to make the business year 2010 achieved sales of 5.5 billion yen, the year 2015 to 2010 nearly 4 times the 200 billion yen. At the same time, plans to invest 70 before the year 2015 billion yen in the year 2010, production increased to 6 times.

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