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Ic LM3080M

DIY store more stable overall performance this week, Big Three market, the two camps have continued CPU product price moves slightly down, after several weeks of adjustment, IntelE5200 boxed processor has sold 620 million, more bulk is suddenly into the 525, the difference is close to 100 million, a substantial increase in the competitiveness of shipments also increased. AMD, the Athlon classic ship dual-core is still the mainstream, especially in 4600 has stabilized at 470 yuan, even if 5000 is also able to buy only 410 yuan, much cheaper than before, which have benefited from processor product line adjustments. Memory, the prices already close to freezing point, manufacturers have cut the news broke, but the store side, DDR2-800 memory prices did not change, even slightly down a bit, Kingston DDR2-8002G sold for 195 yuan memory, compared with the previous weeks, some cheaper. The main hard drive is now shipping in the 250G and IC LM3080M and 320G focused on two products, the former price of 300-320 per month, which is priced at around 350-370, more significant cost. Store in Shenzhen this week, there is some value DIY hardware products, twelve of which are collected in the table for reference.

LM3080M Suppliers

"We already have a very good DEMO, customers do not believe you can actually see a single layer of ITO to eliminate ghosting." Ken Lee said, "Our controller is already optimized to support single-layer ITO, but it also can or three of the ITO on the second floor, and LM3080M Suppliers and therefore we can service a variety of users, can then save about 20-30% of the cost. "He said it is doing Leadis more subtle fine-tuning optimization, in order to allow users to fine-tuning easier, is expected early next year to be able to show you the commercialization of the product. "The whole system BOM costs will decrease $ 10." He predicts.

LM3080M Price

Fujitsu Ch-LCD passive matrix (PM) drive, the reaction rate of about 10-20 microseconds, to meet the dynamic image, the reaction speed to be 0.1-0.2 microseconds, it is now required by the active matrix thin film transistor (AMTFT) drive. Samsung color of the structure through a single, with AMTFT driven, cost-competitive with the market.

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