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Ic LM317M

"NovalithIC is once again the success of Infineons energy-saving products." Infineons automotive power devices, Georg Lipperer, senior director of marketing pointed out, "one of two new products in an environmentally friendly package integrates several chips, the switching speed of a high-performance products is twice that of its predecessor, the switching losses and IC LM317M and to reduce by half the !"

LM317M Suppliers

New NovalithIC with 70 A peak current performance, to more than 800 W of intelligent control of vehicle electrical loads, saving energy consumption. Use of the product, the original has been used in pyrotechnic seat belt pre-tensioners, electric control is achieved. For pyrotechnic seat belt pre-tensioners, if a car accident, the vehicle exploding device is triggered, the belt will be firmly fixed on the driver and LM317M Suppliers and passenger seat, reducing personal exposure to dangerous impact. However, seat belt pre-tensioning system that problem is that, once triggered, the entire system must be replaced. Electric seat belt pre-tensioners with no such worries: the system driven by powerful motors, a few microseconds can be tightly fixed to the safety of the occupants in the seats. In addition, the system can be triggered to continue to use, no maintenance or replacement.

LM317M Price

Infineon (Infineon) and LM317M Price and other recently introduced new NovalithIC engineers integrated semiconductor solutions for the development of energy-saving circuit is ideal. The device is packaged in a square centimeter chip integrates three. Two of which are power chips, and the other is to control and monitor the power level logic circuit. NovalithIC for a variety of applications, including automotive fuel pumps and wiper motor and use a small drilling machine, air conditioning and engine cooling fans and other power equipment. Output power will change with the application needs changing - this feature allows the power consumption dropped 80%.

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