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Ic LM336BM-5.0

CCTV-2 "half-hour economy" November 27 broadcast program, the commission of 5 molar energy laboratory test data released mobile phone to the public: "technical personnel to the standard 20 minutes time period, in the sunlight, lighting, candle light on the 5 phones were tested. Test results show that the energy Henderson Albert phone talk time, charging in the sun 20 minutes, call Albert Henderson 11 minutes and IC LM336BM-5.0 and 50 seconds, the other 4 phones can not talk, can stand. "In this regard, the CCTV program that can be seen from the test results, in addition to Albert Henderson truly a light outside call , the other the concept of light phones are mostly hype and fail to promote the results.

LM336BM-5.0 Suppliers

ROHM development of the latest GMD2 products, the use of advanced zener diode, Schottky barrier diode packaging technology, achieved the worlds smallest and LM336BM-5.0 Suppliers and thinnest package size, suitable for mobile phones and digital cameras and other pursuit of miniaturization, slim design of electronic products. Series 0603 Package Size GMD2 The main advantage of 0.6mm × 0.3mm ultra small package size and height of 0.3mm for ultra-thin compared to similar products in the past (1006 package size: 1.0mm × 0.6mm), an area of only 67% of previous products, thickness were cut by 20%. 100mW package to ensure power (with the 1006 package size, package size 1406 has the same high standard) equipped with a newly developed chip ROHM GMD2 (0603 size) series package, using ROHMs unique chip architecture with ultra-precision processing technology, has retained the the electrical characteristics of similar products in the past, but also to ultra-small, ultra-thin designs. This package, package size and products over the past 1006 compared to only 67% of area, thickness is reduced by 20%. In addition, as an important feature of the package power, with the same size and 1406/1006 100mW. The package size can be used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other pursuit of product miniaturization and thinner devices, thus saving space and high density design. Production details sample sale: March 2007, Schottky diodes, Zener diodes and other related products are already available (sample prices of about 6.72 yuan / month) Monthly production: June 2007, planning up to one per month 1,000 million in the production line.

LM336BM-5.0 Price

3-chip light engine: All 3LCD projectors use 3-piece light engine to deliver incredible brightness and LM336BM-5.0 Price and true colors. High color brightness output: 3LCD projectors deliver high brightness and white color brightness, and therefore whether images, video or text can be the best performance.

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