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Ic LM338K

The front panel of small and IC LM338K and medium size manufacturing process, Japanese companies are selected as the Department of Taiwan panel makers to single objects, retaining only high-end products with high added value, if any, IP luminescence display (OLED), and low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) panels and other smart phone, still on factory production. Panel makers said that this year the performance of small-size panel solid season, fluctuation in the size of panels. November holiday in mainland China, as expected, the drive consumer buying market, remains to be seen.

LM338K Suppliers

panel makers pointed out that the appreciation of the yen, Taiwans small and LM338K Suppliers and medium size panel manufacturers will bear the brunt of glass, crystal and other raw materials, are the Japanese procurement, and denominated in yen, Taiwan plant will naturally have the pressure of rising costs of raw materials. But the yen continues to appreciate, really let this year, the Japanese transferred the action to accelerate a single plant, in the third quarter in particular.

LM338K Price

In recent years, electronic products become increasingly towards the direction of high performance and LM338K Price and versatile, and has continued to shorten the development cycle, so the evaluation time of a single IC also become increasingly inadequate. In particular, the different IC switching regulator manufacturers a variety of product applications, the use of methods and properties are not the same, so designers often use the initial number of switching regulators are confused. However, if the existing switching regulator power supply can not meet the requirements of electronic devices, the designers must be familiar with and skilled in using the new unknown IC. New Japan Radio power supply designers to meet the various needs, the development of the products. Currently in the field of LED-related companies, more and more companies but the market did not imagine so optimistic. Product price, product quality and market competition in the LED application products, has a great relationship.

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