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Ic LM3485MMX

According to reports, the body expel sweat, but also contain harmful ingredients, in a closed stadium, there are many viewers, plus heavy exercise on athletes emit large amounts of sweat, so clean indoor air movement is more important places. Typically, air deodorization, and IC LM3485MMX and volatile organic compounds in many ways in addition, there are incineration, adsorption, washing, bio-filtration treatment.

LM3485MMX Suppliers

"indoor pollution caused by volatile organic compounds are many, usually formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethylene. Some coatings, paints, and LM3485MMX Suppliers and even human sweat, will have a harmful gas , leading to indoor air pollution. "Zhang Pengyi said:" Because we are doing basic research, and was carried out earlier, from 2002 onwards, we get the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, began to strengthen the Photocatalytic Removal of volatile organic compounds and smell the research. Frankly speaking, we used the Olympic venues are not particularly aware of the material, as interior decoration will encounter the problem of volatile organic pollutants, so the study whether it is hotels, office buildings, residence, or sports venues can use ."

LM3485MMX Price

"2008 Beijing Olympics, the majority of venues and LM3485MMX Price and facilities are new or newly renovated. I guess that some of these venues will use environmentally friendly building materials, but the Olympic Committee and the Foundation may consider more security problems, the Olympic venues may be used in this technology, so our research projects will be included in the Olympic projects. "Olympic National Natural Science Foundation of Science and Technology Project -" Strengthening of light catalytic method to remove Volatile Organic Compounds, "Project Leader, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Zhang Pengyi on the" Science Times "reporter said.

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